Wood is the way to go when heating your home or business!

Outdoor Wood Furnaces

Connecticut Outdoor Wood Furnace, based in Woodbury, Connecticut, provides residential and commercial outdoor wood furnaces as a green economical method of heating your home or business.

Why Choose Us

In 1994, we were looking for an inexpensive fossil fuel free way to heat our home. Here in the North East, the obvious choice was wood heat. After looking at all wood heating appliances, we decided to go with an outdoor wood boiler. Safety was our first concern and priority: getting the wood fire out of our home.

After looking at many brands of outdoor hydronic heaters and because of the efficiency and quality, we decided to go with a Central Boiler. They have led the way in quality, efficiency, and were the first company to be in full production with an EPA approved boiler in 2007. It's still leading the industry with models like the EC 1450 and EC 3200.

Recently, we have decided to also supply Greenwood Clean Energy boilers and kedel Pellet Boilers.

At Greenwood, they're all about clean, renewable heat. These systems provide homeowners and businesses the independence from the economic and environmental impact of conventional heating fuels. They have brought together world class expertise, products and partners to provide our customers and dealer partners with the tools to make a difference in their lives and their communities!

Kedel is an affordable and reliable pellet boiler that will completely replace your current heating system. Pellet heat is very similar to oil heat in function; it heats the building and hot water comfortably using much of the existing infrastructure. The world is moving away from expensive and polluting fossil fuels. By utilizing local and renewable resources, Kedel is a practical and sustainable solution that will fit your budget and your lifestyle.

Our Products

Our company offers high quality wood and pellet boilers, along with highly reliable products, such as ThermoPEX, PEX-Flex, pollution control devices, and radiant heating supplies, such as Crete Heat. And we offer Stryker Log Splitters  

 from Central Boiler. We service what we sell and our crew is factory-trained. We look forward to heating with you!


We're sold on these products and know you will be, too.

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